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Conferences: some related with distributed computing, network and architecture
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Groups & Projects: related with distributed computing, network and architecture
OptIPuter: a powerful distributed Grid "infostructure" to support data-intensive scientific research and collaboration
GrADS: the projects in GrADS
P2P resources: some papers and articles on peer-to-peer.
Architecture: links about CPU architecture
Releted Courses: homepages of classes from UCSD or other universities
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Lustre File System:

Academic notes:

Groups & Projects:

HP Lab on Storage Systems
IBM Research on Storage
UMich Mobility Group
Duke Mobility Group
Duke Internet Systems and Storage Group
Wisc-Condor: High Throughput Computing: HTC
Mich-HPS(High Performance System): Trace Cache, Branch prediction, MicroAchitecture
CRPC Distributed software:, NetLib  and SoftLib
The Kerberos Network Authentication Service
The Legion Group in Virginia
Thomas Anderson: Network & system (UWashington)
Dave Dittrich: Security, DDoS (UWashington)

UTK Logistical Computing and Internetworking (LoCI) Laboratory, including IBP
Oceanstore & Tapestry (UC Berkeley)
Farsite (Microsoft)
FreeNet and Freenet protocol
Past & Pastry (Rice & Microsoft)
CFS & Chord (MIT)
CAN (UC Berkeley)
Quality Object

Microsoft Research Labs: Distributed Systems
HP Labs


GRID Computing:
Grid Computing Planet
United Devices
Avaki Articles about JXTA from OpenP2P

Organizations and Associations

Global Grid Forum:
European Grid Forum:
USENIX: The Advanced Computing Systems Association:
DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency):
IEEE Task Force on Cluster Computing
EuroTools SIG on Metacomputing
European Grid Forum



Research Index by NECI:, many papers listed on areas, also journal ratings, highly accessed and cited papers
Annual ACM Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing:
IEEE Computer Society Digital Library:
IEEE conference database:
IEEE Transactions on Computers: IEEE Transactions on Computers
IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed System: IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed System
Readings in Computer Architecture:
WWW Computer Architecture Page in Wisc:, gives a list of upcoming architecture conferences
Literature of Computing:   

Data Communication SIGCOMM 
Mobility of Systems, Users, Data and Computing SIGMOBILE 
Operating Systems SIGOPS 
Simulation and Modeling SIGSIM 
Management of Data SIGMOD 
Measurement and Evaluation SIGMETRICS 
Information Retrieval SIGIR 
Algorithms and Computation Theory SIGACT 
Computer Architecture SIGARCH 
Microarchitecture SIGMICRO 



  1. Globus 1.1.3 

  2. mpich-g 1.1.2 

  3. AutoPilot 


  5. NWS 

  6. RIB 

  7. Cactus

P2P resources:

P2P portal:sponsored by O'Reilly & Associates
Peer to Peer Central
: The essential source for enterprise peer to peer intelligence.  They have many IT news and analysis in their resource page.
: A knowledge hub for applying P2P technologies to business
Global Grid Forum
: View the slide show.
Peer to Peer Computing Working Group (Intel)
Sun's JXTA initiative site (Sun)
Intel's P2P page
JXTA Search: A look at the future of searching

Some links collected by other people:
Peer-to-Peer Links:
Gnullavision project group:
Clearinghouse of P2P news and information
Recent Peer to Peer Systems Papers:

CTO Forum: Ray Ozzie, others, spell out evolution of peer-to-peer computing
Newsletter subscription page
: Sign up for our free e-mail newsletter on file sharing.
Peer-to-peer networks
: Stay up on your industry and learn about new job opportunities with your own personal network. Network World Careers Newsletter, 07/11/01.
Bill Joy spins the future of P2P
: Sun co-founder and chief scientist Bill Joy was recently at the Java One conference in San Francisco to promote the company’s JXTA
peer-to-peer architecture. Network World File Sharing Newsletter, 07/02/01.
CTO Forum: Ray Ozzie, others spell out evolution of peer-to-peer computing
: Pioneers in peer-to-peer technology here Wednesday wrestled with the future of the technology amid the specter of its imminent demise. Network World, 06/20/01.

News Online

IEEE Distributed System Online
Information Week
Network World Fusion

The Power of Peer-to-peer
Feature: Peer-to-peer potential 07/30/01

Researchers toy with 'parasitic' computing, 08/30/01

The process is similar to that used by the likes of SETI@home, which uses the processing power of millions of desktop PCs to scan data from a radio telescope in ...
Enterprise P2P networking is hot , 08/29/01
The enterprise peer-to-peer networking market is set to sizzle, according to a recent study. The number of enterprise users who have access to a P2P network ... under siege again , 08/27/01
Poor After pummeling Napster, the recording industry began targeting this other popular music file trading outfit last year and forced the company to pay ...
P2P systems vulnerable to malicious attacks , 08/22/01
Instant messaging services - such as Microsoft's MSN Messenger - are being targeted by the same types of viruses and worms that have been spreading across ...
Gone fishing , 08/20/01
A just released piece of virtual aquarium software called DALiWorld, is helping to pioneer an emerging market for P2P-based online gaming.


Architecture: links about CPU architecture

Great Microprocessors of the Past and Present (V 12.3.0)

Releted Courses (from different universities):

System Security:
            Cornell University CS513
Operating System:
            UCSD CSE221: Gradate Operating System, many papers on the historic systems
            Umich EECS582: Advance Operating System.  Many recent papers (1990-).
            UCSD CSE

CS294-9 Data Transport Protocols (Spring 2003): 

IT news:

ACM Technews:

Network World Fusion:

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